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Creator Being Spirit Tutors Discourse & Aura Healing - 1.5 Hour Livestream

  January 10th, REPLAY (so incredible!) 

Topic: Come Together To Pray For Humanity’s Awakening

My senior Spirit Tutors are asking me to write, right now, that humanity needs help – in grasping this moment. By taking THIS OPPORTUNITY of the worst fire event in Australia’s recent history, to come to grips with WHAT humanity could take responsibility for.  

In this Group Healing Live Event my Spirit Tutors train us HOW to pray - and how to send a powerful prayer (while we are in deep communion with ‘them’) to the overseer beings who guide this universe. 

We will be praying for them to intervene to lift humanity’s perspective quickly, into a stronger altruism. Into an empowered courage to speak up, to act, to generate new ideas and pathways.  

When Creator Beings move energy - and with our permissions send strong healing frequencies towards humanity - shifts happen.  

We may see more courageous individuals like Greta Thunberg emerge, or an established organization shifting its agenda into a wider global action plan.  

Leaders may change their minds, as they heed overwhelmingly loud community intention.  

Come together with our group and Creator Beings Of This Universe - to send our prayers, our courage, our deliberate focus into the global consciousness, to lift humanity’s sense of responsibility for this planet.  

Mote it be.  

Alicia xxx

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