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"At This time in your incarnation you are being asked to grow up – to show up – and to wake up to your full potential." - Alicia's Senior Spirit Tutors.


  • All Workshops And Healings Are Direct Transmissions From Senior Spirit Levels
  • Learn From A 25-Year-Experienced Soul Surgeon
  • New Revelations About Your Hidden Soul Story
  • Practical Tools, Daily Practices, Advanced Spirit Helpers

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 Soul Training & Healing Modules

THE background story of WHY your soul has arrived in this lifetime. Alicia reveals the MISSING INFORMATION for you to manifest your purpose. Tools to own your power. Real STEPS to fulfill your soul agenda. 
And SO much more training...

"One of the most important speeches ever given to Lightworkers" – Alicia’s Spirit Tutors


Audio 1hr 20 min

In this ASTONISHING workshop you learn WHAT key skill gives your soul the FREEDOM to speak up – from a HIGHER SELF view point.  Major High Light Infusion. How shadow beings affect your decisions and perspective. Meet a tribe of High Light Spirit Technicians. HOW to facilitate entity clearing, with a spirit helper.
"Beyond powerful"
And SO much more training ...


Audio 1hr 20 mins

Life-changing information for practical empowerment.  Indicators in others and in ourselves. How-to's, why's and whats. Training in your personal reactions. How to protect yourself. You will meet powerful specialist spirit helpers. Insider tools & knowledge from an Advanced Intuitive.
And SO much more training ...


Audio 55 mins

Powerful Surgical Healing To Release Heart Weariness.  Your Heart Chakra holds eons of painful memory. WATCH your Guide REACH IN and remove ancient fear long buried in your auric energy system. Result: you will feel more FREE, stronger and more optimistic...  Receive higher-light new CONSCIOUSNESS SOFTWARE.


Audio 47 mins

Let a Spirit Surgeon scan, find and heal a big SELF DOUBT. Be taken into realms of love designed just for you in that moment. Experience the ancient skill of scanning, understanding and activating a pain-free release by your personal Spirit Helper.  Become free from an old thought cycle that stops your higher potential. 


Audio 38 mins

Watch Spirit Healers release your painful  block to SELF VALUE! Are you feeling behind schedule in manifesting your soul's path? Do you let others opinions dominate yours? Be ready to 'tune' your heart to a painful "I'm-not-valuable" FEAR. This type of 'Self Love' core issue can manifest as out-of-alignment realities. My Senior Spirit Healers will work FAST at your core belief level, callibrating a real, deep shift, and pattern release.


Audio 55 mins

For The Angel Souls...
A powerful new perspective on Lightworker Business. Senior Spirit Mentors deliver a LIFE-CHANGING call-out to you in this workshop.
FEEL your REAL commercial value to the world, in a deep process. Learn a clear MIND-SHIFT to make a real business work for you.   


Audio 2 hrs

Step by step easy-to-learn on-line FREE tools to build your real-world profitable business. Alicia shows you all the pieces that fit together perfectly to shine your light, while building your community, products and services. Tips from an experienced 15-year online marketer who is also an Angel Soul. 


E-Book (PDF)

A comprehensive deep-dive walk-through of the E-Book (pdf) with explanations and recorded Q & A. Discover powerful FREE online tools, shortcuts, advice and how-to's you can use to build an ongoing business - that keeps getting bigger each year. Awaken in yourself a new thought: to make this your LIFE'S WORK and get paid what you're worth. Learn the simple steps that work - so you can shine AND create a life-long business.


Audio 2 hrs


and start learning to own your power and shine your soul today!

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Comments About Alicia

Alicia, Thank you so much for this. I was touched to tears. Love, - L.B.

Thank you Alicia! I am feeling the power of your work and am very excited to have tools for precision in working with the spirit world available to me. I had recently been asking for the highest level energy beings to work with me and that is when I discovered accident. My soul loves this work.  – B.G.

Thank you dearest Alicia….. Your recordings clarify a lot of information that is not readily available.  And your sincerity to help and integrity shines through! – R.J. 

This is beautiful, powerful and so very practical all presented with grace, joy and love! Thank you, Alicia, for your loving soul! - J.F. 

Thank you Alicia, I am sad to be at the end of this audio course with you. You have been in my pocket every day. It has been amazing in so many ways! I have been able to access deep inside of me. I am so grateful for all your teachings – and now onto the next course! So GREAT and excited !! Thank you for sharing all of you with us. You have a huge purpose and are doing it so well. I am blessed to have you in my life and trust someday we will meet in person :) Love always  xo - P.N. 

Alicia, I'm in love with you and your Spirit Tutor's work. Magical things have happened, since I began listening to your mp3's. Very exciting! :-) – S.B. 

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